Leon Lieffijn is a 20-year-old singer/songwriter, producer, designer and entrepreneur. Lieffijn was introduced to music at an early age when he began taking piano lessons and later writing, recording and producing songs. In 2011, Lieffijn launched his own web design enterprise, attracting clients from all around the world, including WordPress, Kennisnet, Tergooi, Domeinbalie.nl, Werkgroep UNESCO, SurveyPlanet and Aemsterdam.
As a young entrepreneur, Lieffijn began to face personal challenges and was soon inspired to work through these emotions in a range of new songs. His first EP, "On Eagle's Wings", with songs such as "Journey" and "Dawn", was released in 2014. The first track of the EP, "Freedom", reached the semi-finals of the UKSC (UK Songwriting Contest), with judges such as Grammy nominated songwriter Shelly Peiken, in 2015 and the EP was described as "ethereal, magical" and "mellow, calming and spiritual all at the same time". In that same year, Lieffijn co-founded a creative agency called "Ferza". No (co-)owning two companies, he also worked in design with several industry professionals, including some from Instagram and Dell. Also in 2015, the single "Choices" was released. The song was chosen as one of the best 'Epic Music' songs of 2015 and has been watched more than 1 million times on YouTube.

Lieffijn currently works as a lead designer for Pallas Athena Group while building on the success of his own business and music career.