The ANWB (Royal Dutch Touring Club) is a travelers' association in the Netherlands. With the 'ANWB-Onderweg' app, the ANWB offers car drivers information about routes, traffic jams and for example nearby gas stations. For the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences I designed a new version of the app, focused on a better user experience.


February 2018 - March 2018

May - November 2017


UI/UX Design

UI/UX, Web Design



The new version of the ANWB-Onderweg app.

The challenge

The current ANWB-Onderweg app isn't focused enough on the user needs; you have to be an ANWB member to use all functionalities of the app and you have to download multiple apps to use all services of the ANWB. On top of that there were lots of complaints about the bad navigation and the small buttons.


The current ANWB-Onderweg app. Users complained about the small buttons and the bad navigation (you have to go back to the start screen to go to a different section in the app).

The process

I started the project with doing research with methods such as a user trip and desk research. After conducting a content audit I presented the new, less complex and more user friendly sitemap. Based on the sitemap I designed the new screens for the application.


Old (left) vs. the new (right) sitemap.

The result

By adding a toolbar to the app I solved the issue that users constantly had to go back to the start screen to navigate through the app. I also made the buttons of the primary actions in the app larger, so car drivers wouldn't have issues with getting to the right section of the app while sitting in their car. Another thing the current app lacks is a possibility to use your routes for (good) navigation. My proposal was to add good route navigation to the app and focus the app on the navigation while driving by showing the other functionalities of the app (finding a gas station, parking spot, etc.) on the same screen. By doing so, users wouldn't have to leave the navigation to use other parts on the app and it would mean way less distraction while driving a car.


The new app: better navigation, larger buttons, better route navigation and a clearer structure.

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