AthenaDocs, part of AthenaStudies, is a website meant for students where they can exchange their study documents. I led the design of the project from the start to the launch earlier this year.


March 2017 - April 2018

May - November 2017


Branding, UI/UX, Web Design

UI/UX, Web Design

Live version

Homepage of AthenaDocs.

The challenge & process

As one of the largest tutoring organizations in the Netherlands, AthenaStudies wanted to offer more services to their customers. The goal of AthenaDocs was to create a platform that would complement the AthenaStudies network. The website had to be very simple, user friendly and completely focused on the documents. Ultimately AthenaDocs is meant to replace all Facebook groups in which study documents usually are shared.
In early 2017 I started working on the designs for AthenaDocs. I conducted several interviews with people within the AthenaStudies network to get a clear view of what users expected from a document sharing platform. One of the main points was that the platform should work as well on mobile as on desktop since students usually take a look at their documents just before a test. During the entire process I worked closely together with the CEO and Lead Developer of AthenaStudies. We regularly had meetings in which we discussed the progress and revisions.

The structure of the website and one of the first concepts.

The result

The design of the website was completed in the spring of 2017 and was tested by a large group of people within the AthenaStudies network. After finalizing the last details, the design was sent to an external developer and is set to be officially launched in 2018.


Selected Works