AthenaStudies is the fastest growing and largest tutoring organization in the Netherlands and is currently expanding to other countries. The company has its own webstore where students can purchase courses. In 2017 I led the redesign of the webstore of AthenaStudies, which hadn't been changed for 5 years and was outdated. I also led the following process of establishing a clear visual identity.


May 2017 - November 2017

May - November 2017


UI/UX, Web Design, Branding

UI/UX, Web Design

Live version

AthenaStudies 1
Homepage of the redesigned webstore.

The challenge

One of the biggest issues of the old webstore was the bad user experience; there were no possibilities to filter or sort search results and the interface was chaotic and unclear. On top of that, the webstore wasn't responsive and more or less unusable on mobile devices. During the process I had to take into account that AthenaStudies wanted to launch their new webstore as soon as possible and wanted to keep the functionalities and structure of the webstore exactly the same.

Homepage of the old webstore and the overview page of universities (click to see larger). The webstore was chaotic and unclear and lacked search/filter/sort functionalities as can be seen on the universities overview page.

The process

I started the project with doing research with methods such as a user trip and deep hanging out. Based on my findings I presented wireframes to the client and from there I started to work on the prototype. After a couple of small revisions the prototype was approved by both the client and several clients of AthenaStudies who had been involved in the process. During the entire process I worked closely together with the CEO, Lead Developer and Front-end Developer of AthenaStudies.

Shopping cart page of the new webstore.

The result

The new, fully responsive webstore was launched in the fall of 2017 with as biggest changes the improved user experience and updated interface. The new website received nothing but positive feedback and led to less complaints of users who weren't able to find what they were looking for. The updated design will also be used for the expansion of AthenaStudies to other countries.

Old version


New version

AthenaStudies 1

Branding & Identity

During the process of designing the new website I also worked on establishing a clearer visual identity for AthenaStudies. Until then there weren't any guidelines or templates available, which led to an unclear identity, especially visually. Along with the website I delivered several templates and clear brand guidelines.

Slides of the presentation template for internal use.

Selected Works