In 2015 I co-founded Ferza, an agency that focuses on creative artificial intelligence (AI). We accumulated experience through collaborations with the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and PostNL, the Dutch Postal Service. These projects ranged from Deep Neural Nets to highly mathematical search engines. I was in charge of the business development, all design efforts and the project management in the concept and design phase of projects.


October 2015 - September 2017

May - November 2017


Branding, Business Development, Logo Design, Project Management, UI/UX, Web Design

UI/UX, Web Design

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Logo of Ferza.

Background story & projects

My initial plans for Ferza date back to 2012. After freelancing for about a year, I wanted to offer clients more services by working together with experienced developers. By starting a creative agency I wanted to build a team that could work on all kinds of projects and help clients from start to finish. The name "Ferza" comes from the Spanish word 'fuerza', meaning 'strength'. The logo represents a shield with the 'F' of "Ferza" in it. The line above the shield represents the slogan of the company: "Think beyond borders".
In 2015 I founded the agency together with Jan Erik van Woerden and Tim Smit, both with backgrounds in Artificial Intelligence. We decided to make that our main speciality, especially considering the increasing demand to AI products. During 2 years we worked on several different projects, including for the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and PostNL, the Dutch Postal Service. We also worked on own projects, including an app to help people with mobile phone addiction put down their smartphone (Phone Control). In 2017 we stopped working on the agency due to a lack of time.

Phone Control
Booklet about "Phone Control", one of Ferza's own projects. It was presented and approved at Nextt.

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