HvA Coffee App

For one of the projects at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA) I worked on a proposal for the improvement of the user experience of the coffee machines at the HvA.


September 2017 - October 2017

May - November 2017


UX/UI Design

UI/UX, Web Design

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The HvA Coffee App.

The process

The first step in the process was to conduct interviews with the target audience and doing desk research. It was clear that most of the students in the target audience wanted to get more energy by drinking coffee or tea. Based on the information I had gathered I created a persona, context scenario, user requirement list and affinity map.

Affinity map
The affinity map, based on the interviews (i), deep hanging out (dho) and the user trip (ut) (in Dutch).

I decided to focus on the moment when students arrived at school; early in the morning, in a rush, eager to get a bit more energy and definitely not in the mood for having to wait a long time. I based my first concepts with key-paths on my research and the moment I had decided to find a solution for.

The result

Based on the research I came up with the idea for an app which allows students to buy their coffee or tea before they get to school so they only have to pick up their product when they arrive. It means they can go to their class faster and don't get more stressed when they get to school early in the morning.
With my research, concept and presentation I received all points that were up for grabs.

The poster for the presentation of the product, including the persona, user requirement list and a storyboard (in Dutch).

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