With museums, concerts and a research department, the Mozarteum in Salzburg is the place to be about Mozart. In the spring of 2017 I organized and hosted a user experience workshop for the CEO and directors of the Mozarteum Foundation. Their website didn't meet the requirements anymore and together with Molina Visuals I came up with several activities in order to create a complete briefing for a new, modern website.


May 2017

May - November 2017


UX Design, Workshop

UI/UX, Web Design


Part of the new website for the Mozartwoche.

About the Mozarteum Foundation

The Mozarteum Foundation in Salzburg primarily focusses on the life and œuvre of Mozart. It offers concerts, maintains the Mozart museums (Mozart's Birthplace and Mozart's Residence) and supports academic research. The Mozarteum, which attracts visitors from all over the world, is the place to visit when you are in Salzburg.


Building of the Mozarteum Foundation at the Schwarzstrasse (photos by Mozarteum).

The challenge

The website of the Mozarteum Foundation wasn't only outdated, but also had a very complex structure and wasn't focused on a younger audience. My challenge was to find out what the new website should look like, what features should be kept/added and what parts of the current website had to stay the same and what parts had to change/be removed. The goal was to create an extensive briefing for the new website that would be in line with what the board of the Mozarteum Foundation had in mind.


Old website of the Mozarteum Foundation: outdated and with a very complex and chaotic structure.

The process

In order to make the briefing as complete and correct as possible, I went to Salzburg to host a user experience workshop for the CEO and directors of the Mozarteum Foundation. During two days we had several activities to get a clear view of what the new website should be like.


A few of the slides of the presentation for the workshop.


Photos taken at the workshop.

The result

Based on the workshop I created a briefing which is being used for the creation of the new website. One part of the new website, the landingpage for the Mozartwoche, has already been launched.

Selected Works