To Be Near You

To Be Near You is a Christian single that I wrote together with Chrissy Sanderson. As Chrissy recalls: "This song came about after listening to some Christian teaching about going to the Lord in prayer and handing over everything that was troubling me. One thing that I have been so confident about is knowing that God is bigger than any of my problems."

Written by

Leon Lieffijn, Chrissy Sanderson

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June 28, 2018

May - November 2017


May - November 2017

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Review & interview

To Be Near You was reviewed by Ryan Barbie of Jesus Freak Hideout: "It is absolutely spectacular seeing the evolution of pop music through the years. What may be trendy today could become absolutely reviled in the next two years, or perhaps be held in such high-regard because, "It changed everything!" Indie artist Leon Lieffijn is clearly floating in the pop-stream of music with his latest single "To Be Near You." Lieffijn's polished music and clean vocals are prominent but don't feel fake or unapproachable. His lyrics seem reflective but not so introspective that the lyrics become confusing or easily misinterpreted. Lieffijn's cry to simply "be near" the Lord despite his broken sinful condition is refreshing to hear as the temptation for Christian artists to make it seem like they "have it all together" is prevalent on CCM radio. Instrumentally the track is clearly synthetic, but it doesn't feel empty, there are layers upon layers of sound filling up any blank space. While the song's sound may blend in with a good portion of Lieffijn's contemporaries, he has made a sincere offering for listeners and his efforts are on full display. In that respect, I hope to hear more from the artist and have high hopes for his growing career."


I was also interviewed by Michael Weaver of Jesus Freak Hideout. Read the interview →

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