Help with realizing and advising about the automation of recurring actions in your company.

DPA is a stock market listed company that focuses on high-quality advice, sustainable and flexible employability of specialized professionals and the development of knowledge and skills. DPA offers solutions for renewal/change projects, complex issues and temporary replacement. In 2017 DPA launched a subbrand called DPA IRPA (Intelligent & Robotic Process Automation). I designed the website (UI/UX) and the style guidelines.

Visitors can find the documents for their study by filling in the forms on the homepage ('Choose your university', 'Choose your study'). They will then be taken to a page where they can choose their courses. After selecting the right course, they can choose the document they need and download it. We decided not to use a general search form, to prevent users to be distracted by content that was irrelevant for them.

Our goal was to make a website that would be easy to use on desktop computers, but also on mobile phones, so that, if for example a student would want to read a summary on his mobile phone just before a test, it would work as smoothly as on a desktop computer.

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