While for many music functions merely as a vessel by which to entertain, for others it is a vital form of escape, serving a far greater purpose and even saving lives, inspirational music often does just that. It may be a verse in a song, or a certain tone played on a chord but, whatever the reason, inspiring music has an innate power to evoke emotional responses in such a way that other styles simply cannot master. A young musician from the Netherlands named Leon Lieffijn is demonstrating that music is indeed a powerful tool for encouraging and inspiring others. Leon takes his listeners on a sentimental journey through beautiful waves of sound, captivating instrumentals, and powerful imagery. The 5-track EP 'On Eagle's Wings' tells a distinct story as the musical pieces are arranged in a deliberate manner, indicating that Leon has drawn from a very deep place in order to develop such a full sound.

Written by
Leon Lieffijn
Jonathan Barendsma

Produced by
Leon Lieffijn


Recorded in
The Netherlands
United States

Album cover
John McTarnaghan

Release date
October 14, 2014

© Leon Lieffijn 2014