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Leon Lieffijn

About Leon Lieffijn

Leon Lieffijn is a 20-year-old singer/songwriter, producer, designer and entrepreneur from the Netherlands. Lieffijn got an early start in music, taking piano lessons as a youngster and later writing his own songs. In 2011 Lieffijn started his own enterprise in web design and had clients from different countries. Following his venture in business as an entrepreneur and personal challenges in faith, Lieffijn was inspired to start working on new songs, mainly about his beliefs.
The young musician is able to create cinematic, haunting and textural sonic landscapes with his beautiful compositions. Tracks such as his recent work “Freedom” strike as an embracing listening experience with the reaching power of a movie score. Emotional, deep and warm, Lieffijn’s music transcends genre definitions and barriers; ranging from rock to pop, instrumental and gospel.

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