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Leon Lieffijn is a 22-year-old musician, designer and entrepreneur from Amsterdam, the Netherlands aiming to make a difference through his creativity.

Leon Lieffijn is a 22-year-old musician and designer from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Lieffijn is able to make beautiful compositions. Tracks such as Lieffijn’s recent work “Choices” strike as embracing listening experience with the reaching power of a movie score. Emotional, deep and warm, Lieffijn’s music transcends genre definitions and barriers. As a result, Lieffijn’s music ranges from pop to gospel and from rock to instrumental.

Musical multi-talent Leon Lieffijn has a sincere approach to his heartfelt melodies. Because of that fans from around the globe can deeply connect with that. Drawing from a successful upbringing that started out musically focusing on a contemporary Christian/Gospel style, Leon has continued to grow, adapt and evolve his career to include pop, rock & instrumental music in his genuine pursuit of his love of the craft itself. Always pushing himself creatively to reach new, exciting & inspirational tones, moods and atmospheres. Leon Lieffijn’s music comes straight from his heart and the emotion & power in his voice echo his desire to communicate & connect to people through stunning sounds and honest, enchanting entertainment.

Leon Lieffijn

Today, Leon is more confident and creative than ever before. Playing several instruments to record his new music. This talented musician continues to find exciting ways to re-invent his own style & sound. With innovative piano, drums, guitar and stunning vocal melodies that resonate beautifully within your heart & soul.  But taking time to record in the US and UK once again. Because of the worldly-sound and universal, warm, invitational & inclusive nature of Leon Lieffijn’s music is coming out as clear as he’s always envisioned it to sound – and his best music to date is being recorded right at this very moment.

Excited, passionate and eager to put his new music out into the world for all to hear – the new single “To Be Near You” from Leon Lieffijn is available now online. After that an album is on the planning. So make sure you check it out.

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