Leon Lieffijn is a 22-year-old musician, designer and entrepreneur from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. At the age of 15 Lieffijn founded his own design enterprise and worked for numerous international clients in the years that followed. During that time he also started his musical career with the release of On Eagle’s Wings in 2014 and proved to be genre independent in both the mainstream as the Christian music world with the releases that followed.

In my opinion what the world needs most is hope, respect and kindness. Unification instead of separation and love instead of hate. My goal is to contribute to that through my music, even if it’s only a little bit.

Honors & Awards

About Leon Lieffijn

Leon Lieffijn is a multi talented young entrepreneur with a flair for the creative arts that has earned him a reputation for being one to watch and brought him to the attention of the world.

Born in 1996 in Lelystad, The Netherlands, Leon was introduced to the joys and wonder of music when he was very young. 

Since then his musical talent has only grown and he is now an extremely talented singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. In the last xx years he has written, recorded and produced songs for several artists and bands, as well as movies, documentaries, commercials, popular YouTube channels, and even games and mobile apps.

However Leon was not satisfied with simply being a successful musician and at the age of 15 he started exploring other options. The professional fields of design and music have been closely interwoven for years, and so his choice to begin a career as a freelance graphic designer and web designer seemed a natural one.

While teaching himself everything he needed to know about design and working with clients from all around the world, Leon’s natural creative talent continued to shine through and that same year he founded his first company. He became known as an innovative designer and in 2012 he earned himself one of the very first “365 awesome designer” spots.

About design

Throughout this time he was extremely active promoting his web design company on several social networks, including Dribbble – a platform where designers showcase their work. During this time he was part of a group of top designers and worked with a number of professionals in the industry’ including some from ING, Instagram and Dell.

Following his first venture as an entrepreneur and some personal challenges with his faith, he began once more to write his own music. While many of these were gospel songs inspired by his beliefs, he loves to write any kind of music and his style ranges from pop to rock, and from gospel to instrumental.

Although all his knowledge about music is self taught, he is able to create cinematic, memorable and elaborate sonic landscapes with his bewitching compositions. His music tracks such as “On Eagles Wings” have the reaching power of a movie score, leaving you with goosebumps and a lingering memory of a journey long forgotten.

Every track he has released on SoundCloud is deep and warm, reverberating with emotion, and reaches into your soul. No matter what style of music his song writing takes him to there is one thing you can be sure of – Leon’s music transcends genre definitions and barriers and will leave you wanting more.


In 2015 his hauntingly beautiful and powerfully moving song “Freedom” made it all the way to the semi- finals of the U.K. Songwriting Contest, while the equally rousing song “Choices” has been viewed over 1,000,000 times on YouTube and earned the coveted title of one of the best Epic Music songs of 2015.

He also completed his pre-university  education where he wrote a profile paper about the influence of music on the emancipation of African Americans in the 50’s and 60’s. In time it is his goal to attend university in order to study Course, with the purpose of applying what he learns there to his future as a graphic designer and musician.

Although he is currently focused on developing his leadership skills in his position as a team leader for Dolfinarium Harderwijk, he still dedicates his spare time to his many creative projects as well as his entrepreneurial efforts. In time he hopes that these new skills will help him to be even more successful with his own company, as well as with his music.

Leon is currently working on a number of new releases, including a pop album which is set to launch later in 2016 as well as playing in several bands as a freelance musician. When he is not performing or on tour, you will often find him in the studio he has at home where he works on his own musical projects or collaborates with other artists, lyricists and producers.

Or else you may find him behind his computer, working with one of many international companies on their latest marketing campaign or on their web design through the creative agency he founded in 2015. He also has extensive knowledge of marketing and social media management, so he applies those skills to marketing his music as well as his two companies.

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