The highly anticipated new single by Leon Lieffijn, 'Our God Reigns', will be available on all major streaming platforms soon. The song, originally written by British band 'Delirious?' and edited by Lieffijn, features musicians and vocalists from different parts of the world and was co-produced by the same producer as To Be Near You. With a sound like Hillsong United or Bethel Music, the single promises to be a great reminder of the goodness of God.

"I first heard the song when I was watching a video of a concert of Michael W. Smith last year. I always love atmospheric and compelling melodies, and this was definitely one of those. The concert was at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, so there were a couple of thousand people singing along which made the song sound even more impressive. I immediately knew I wanted to record the song and I believe I started working on it that same evening," Lieffijn declares.

Michael W. Smith at the Bridgestone Arena last year.

"Fun thing is... I haven't been able to find the video of 'Our God Reigns' ever since and it didn't make the album Michael W. Smith released of that night. So I really had a sense of 'right place, right time'."

The Mission Bell

Delirious? released the song 'Our God Reigns' in 2005 and it was part of their album 'The Mission Bell'. It was then covered numerous times, mainly as worship song, by for example Bethel Music. Lieffijn's version will be a studio version with some new parts added to the song: "I really felt like the song could use a powerful bridge. I think the one I wrote really suites the song."

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