My critically acclaimed, instrumental single ‘Choices’ was released in the fall of 2015 and was made available on all major streaming platforms in February, 2016. The song, a 1:57 musical piece featuring piano, oboe and strings, was chosen as one of the best ‘Epic Music’ songs of 2015 by the Epic Music community.

With over 2 million streams across different platforms, the song still is one of my most popular releases so far. In 2016 Choices was used in the annual ‘Best of Epic Music’ compilation of Epic Music VN and was paired with visuals from the movie “Imaginaerum”.

Best of Epic Music 2015

A 1-hour, full cinematic compilation of the best Epic Music of 2015.
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Background story

I wrote the song Choices back in 2015 in a couple of days, and then recorded it in under an hour. I released the single, not expecting it to be a success. But beyond any of my expectations, a few days later Epic Music VN published a video of the song and with over 2 million streams across different platforms it is still one of my most popular songs so far.

The lesson I learned from all of this was that sometimes we can be too harsh, limiting ourselves because of what we believe others might be thinking. I’m still glad that I released this song, especially when I read all the messages of how it helped people. So… do you want to keep limiting yourself because of what others might think, or are you ready to unleash your full potential? The choice is yours.

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Learn to play the song

YouTube user Marioverehrer made a tutorial of how to play the song: