In the fall of 2018 I conducted a research study for a new service by Mastercard. The goal was to get a good understanding of the customer, their values and needs, and to create a useful value proposition.

The challenge

Mastercard, an American multinational financial services corporation, is always innovating and looking for ways to improve its services. I was involved in the first (research) phase of a new service that could potentially impact millions of entrepreneurs around the world. Together with other UX researchers and designers I was challenged to interview several entrepreneurs in Amsterdam and to create a useful value proposition based on those interviews.

About Mastercard

Electronic payments have the ability to create a world with greater opportunities for all.

The process

We visited several kinds of businesses, ranging from small to large and from the food industry to retail, and interviewed their owners and/or managers. Based on the information we gathered during these interviews we were able to create a good overview of customers’ values and needs and to create a value proposition using the value proposition canvas.

What is the value proposition canvas?

Make sure that a service is positioned around the customer values and needs.

The result

Based on the information gathered during the research phase of the project the findings and the proposition for the new Mastercard service were presented in December 2018. With the next steps on the roadmap for this year there is a strong foundation for a promising new service that will potentially impact millions of entrepreneurs.