Modernizing Mozart’s heritage for future generations

The Mozarteum Foundation in Salzburg, consisting of several museums, a concerts/events department and a research department, is the place to be about Mozart. Together with Molina Visuals I organized and hosted a UX workshop for the CEO and directors of the Mozarteum in the spring of 2017. The goal was to create a comprehensive briefing to be used as the foundation for the design process of Mozarteum’s new website. The workshop, which took 2 days, was filled with several activities.

The challenge
As a classical institute, the Mozarteum Foundation was struggling to reach younger audiences and with an outdated, overly complex website, the board of directors felt empty-handed in terms of their online presence.

About the Mozarteum Foundation

A non-profit organization whose primary focus is the life and œuvre of Mozart.
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Together with Molina Visuals I was challenged to get a clear overview of both the wishes as the preconditions for a new website, and thus for the new ‘image’ of the Mozarteum Foundation. In order to do this we had the opportunity to talk with the directors and other stakeholders through online meetings, as well as a two day workshop onsite in Salzburg.

Mozarteum building

The main building of the Mozarteum in Salzburg.

The process
Through a series of online meetings with the stakeholders I was able to get the first pieces of what ultimately had to become and extensive and complete briefing for the new website. While preparing for the onsite workshop I came up with several activities to get the full picture of necessary information.

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I always tend to make these activities as fun as possible, not only to give the involved people a great time (after all, two full days are quite long) but also to make them feel more comfortable about saying everything they want to say with regards to the new website and its briefing. With the information gathered from the meetings and the workshop we were able to create a briefing that instantly got approval from all involved stakeholders.

“One of the most enjoyable and fun workshops I’ve attended and the end result is spot on.” — CEO of Mozarteum
Photo taken on the second day of the workshop at Mozarteum Salzburg.

Photo taken on the second day of the workshop.

The result
The new website of the Mozarteum Foundation, which was based on the briefing, the research and all information gathered during the meetings with the stakeholders, was launched early 2018. It resulted in a clearer and more modern website, which is ready for the future and also inspiring for younger visitors. With the launch the Mozarteum proved itself to be ready for the next generations and made classical music modern once more.

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