Reinventing the flow of buying cinema tickets online

With over 28 cinemas across the country, Pathé is one of the largest cinema chains of the Netherlands. Its parent company, Les Cinémas Gaumont Pathé, was founded by Charles Pathé in 1896 and has over 100 cinemas with 995 screens across France, the Netherlands and Switzerland. In 2015 I worked on a new concept for Pathé in order to simplify the flow for ordering cinema tickets for their customers.

The challenge
Pathé, a well-known cinema chain in the Netherlands, had been shifting their focus to the internet over the previous years with the launch of Pathé Thuis, an online video on demand service, in 2011 and their increased presence on social media.

About Pathé

Pathé Netherlands has 1800 employees across its 28 cinemas and had over 15 million visitors in 2018.
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Having over 325.000 likes on Facebook at the time, Pathé was approached by Dutch company Video-Force to work together on reinventing the flow of buying cinema tickets online. One of the ways to do so would be by offering the possibility to buy tickets immediately after or during watching a trailer of a (new) movie on social media. I was asked to work on the flow and to make a realistic prototype to present to the stakeholders.

The process
With the clear preconditions in mind I worked on the flow of buying cinema tickets immediately after or during watching a trailer, which ideally had to be as simple as possible. Because the concept initially was only meant as an exploration, we didn't have the possibility to conduct extensive research which meant we had to base our decisions on assumptions. We'd later conduct research in order to see whether or not those assumptions had been correct.

Pathé order flow

The three main screens of the order flow in a video player (click to make larger). Screen 1: initial state of the video player with the possibility to watch the video or purchase the tickets (purchase button triggered on several occassions). Screen 2: choose your city. Screen 3: choose specific cinema in your city as well as date/time and proceed to the purchase page (in a new tab).

The concept I came up with only required three clicks and was meant to gather the most essential information in order to proceed to the website where the purchase could be finialized. I wanted to avoid that the possibility to buy tickets would become annoying, so I decided that the button could be trigged on several occassions, for example at the start and at the end of the video and when the video is paused. After clicking on the button users would be able to choose their city and in the next step the date and time. Eventually they'd be redirected to the website to finish the purchase after which they are led to their social media platform again.

See the prototype

See the interactive prototype of the new video player on social media on InVision.
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The result
Shortly after finishing the deliverables, the concept and the prototype were presented to the stakeholders at Pathé. Due to other priorities and limited technical possibilities at the social media platforms, unfortunately Pathé decided not to further develop the concept.

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